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Liquid External : Pour On/Spray

It includes Pour on Solutions which are used for control and management of tick species including strains resistant to carbamates, amidines, chlorinated hydrocarbons, organophosphates and organochlorine group of insecticides.

Liquid external applications also includes liquid spray which are used for effective treatment and prevention of all life stages of ectoparaciticides i.e. ticks (including ticks responsible for tick fever), flea( flea allergy dermatitis) and lice in dogs and cats

  • Fipronil 0.25% Liquid with Spray – Domestic / Export
  • Flumethrin 1% Pour On – Domestic/ Export
  • Cypermethrin 6 % Pour On – Domestic/Export
  • Amitraz 1% + Cypermethrin 1% + PBO 5% Pour on – Domestic
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