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Liquid External : Spot On

Spot-ons are ready-to-use liquid parasiticides for topical administration that are administered in one or two points (or spots) on the head and/or the back of dogs and cats. Spot-ons, also called flea drops, or squeeze-ons are usually available in single-use, disposable vials, popularly called pipettes in some countries. These vials contain the dose for a single dog or cat of a given weight. Most commercial spot-ons are marketed in vials of various sizes to cover the usual weights of dogs and cats.

  • Fipronil 9.7% w/v – Domestic/Export
  • Fipronil 9.8% + (S) methoprene 8.8% Spot On Solution – Domestic / Export
  • Fipronil 9.8% + (S) methoprene 11.8% Spot On Solution– Export
  • Imidachloprid 10% + Permethrin 50 % External Liquid – Domestic
  • Selamectin Topical Solution 12% w/v – Domestic
  • Selamectin Topical Solution 6 % w/v – Domestic
  • Cypermethrin 1 % Shampoo – Domestic
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